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As certified development and consultancy partners for the iManage document management systems we can provide first class consultancy services. We have worked with document management systems for over 20 years and can provide unrivalled experience for consulting work for the Worksite DMS.


We have installed over 50 iManage DMS systems throughout the world, from small single office implmentations to multi office worldwide solutions. We can help in all areas of the implementation from system planning, design, hardware recommendations and integration with other systems


We can offer a support facility to enable clients to log calls and receive first class support on all areas of the iManage DMS


We can provide a system health check including a documented report to make sure you system is operating at its optimum level.


Should your system require it, we can make recommendations for upgrading/patching to ensure you are using the most appropriate versions for your environment.


We have our own fully tried and tested tools for helping you migrate data from other DMS systems, Sharepoint, file systems, e-mail systems, etc. These can be customised to accomodate any specific requirements. We are able to provide a full migration service where we undertake the data migration, or we can install our migration software and train you how to use it.


We can provide customisation services to ensure that the operation of your iManage system exactly meets the demands of your users. This can include Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) customisations, template development, front end profiling, nrs scripting, workspace creations and integration with other systems or applications.


We can undertake custom development projects to enhance your Worksite DMS system. Just tell us your ideas and requirements and we'll see if it can be done.


We also have our own iManage enhancement products that may already answer your needs

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