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Email Migration


UC Logic are able to provide services and software to help with the import of email data into the Worksite DMS. Sample migrations are:


  • PST to Worksite

  • Exchange to Worksite

  • Groupwise to Worksite


Each migration tends to be custom developed for each client, this allows us to fine tune the basic migration software to meet the exact requirements for the migration. We can often interpret the folder structure to associate emails with specific Worksite Workspaces, allowing direct migration into the corresponding Workspace folders. We can provide the following email migration services:


  • Full migration service. This includes the software, any customisations and the running and monitoring of the migration process.

  • Software only service. This includes the software and any customisation. Then after a brief training session, we leave you in control of the migration process. We will, of course, provide support for you during the migration.


For more information on email migration services, please contact


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