Process Management

Create forms, map processes, build email and Word templates

Sysero offers a single solution to create Business Processes than can be run in web and MS Office environments.

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Knowledge Management

Create custom libraries, provide facetted taxonomy searching & KM workflows

Sysero intgerates with DMS and SharePoint enhancing searching, workflow and reporting

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Document Management

Super-charge your Worksite Document Management System

We work with dozens of Worksite customers and offer a range of utilities and services for the Worksite DMS

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SharePoint 2013

Sysero have been implementing SharePoint systems since 2007. The latest version of SharePoint allows Firms to create highly functional intranets. Our favorite top 5 new features are:

  • A search engine that can be used to integrate SharePoint with DMS/Accounts/CRM and other systems at no additional cost.
  • The removal of the large list constraints of earlier versions. SharePoint can now be used as a DMS in medium and large Firms.
  • Reduced pricing and no additional cost for hosting public websites.
  • Much improved high performance user interface with support for HTML5.
  • New document storage system that will reduce file store sizes significantly and reduce wide area networking costs.

We can implement SharePoint 2013 in your organisation and have some unique SharePoint features. Ask about our SharePoint 2013 Discovery Package today.

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Microsoft Azure

When you develop cloud based solutions you need to pick the right platform. We have chosen Microsoft Azure and many of our solutions can be provided in-house or rented from our Azure servers. Get in touch if you would like to:

  • Know more about cloud based computing on Azure
  • Need development resource for your project
  • Would like a package knowledge management solution that runs entirely in the cloud
  • Need to work with a consultancy that will provide integrated on-premise and in-cloud solutions